Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Starting prices for real estate from developers start at 65-70 thousand British pounds. Secondary real estate can cost differently depending on the type and year of construction, as well as the location.

All real estate in Northern Cyprus is sold in British pounds sterling, which are accepted and used everywhere here. The British pound has been retained since the time when Cyprus was a British colony.

You can get to Northern Cyprus by ferry to the ports of Kyrenia and Famagusta or by plane to one of Cyprus’ airports. Ercan is the airport of Northern Cyprus. Larnaca and Paphos are the airports of Southern Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus is a visa-free country. When visiting Northern Cyprus, a visa is issued at the border for 90 days. In certain cases, it is possible to obtain a visa for up to 90 days if there is a reason for an extended stay or visit.

To obtain a residence permit, it is necessary to collect a package of documents and provide a rental or purchase agreement for real estate. Any foreign citizen can obtain a residence permit.

To purchase real estate in Northern Cyprus, your passport is sufficient. To obtain a title deed, a certificate of no criminal record from your country is also required.

The process of buying real estate takes place during our 3-day familiarization tour. To do this, it is sufficient to purchase tickets and contact our specialists.

The choice of currency depends on the specific developer and their payment conditions. In most cases, you can choose between pound, dollar, or euro.

In March 2010, a decision was made by the European Court of Human Rights regarding the acquisition of real estate and the legality of this process in Northern Cyprus. A land committee was also established to regulate the issue of property rights and title deeds in Northern Cyprus. Therefore, the process of buying real estate in Northern Cyprus is safe.

The cost of rent depends on many factors. There are two types of rent, short-term and long-term. Short-term rent varies from 40 euros per day. Long-term rent starts from 400 euros per month.

Yes, you can. There are certain conditions and a list of documents required to obtain a loan for purchasing real estate. Some banks provide loans to foreign citizens. The process is not easy, and it is easier to get a loan from the developer.

When buying real estate in Northern Cyprus, you should expect to spend approximately 10-20% of the cost of your property, depending on the purpose of the purchase.

Yes, you can bring your own car by sailing from the port of Turkey, Mersin (Tashuju). In addition, you can also have it customs cleared if it is not more than 5 years old.

The cost varies depending on the specific university, level of education, and field of study. The most expensive field is medicine. The average year cost for a bachelor’s degree is around €11,000, for a master’s degree it’s €7,000, and for a doctorate it’s €14,000.

The official currency in Northern Cyprus is the Turkish Lira. However, US dollars, euros, or British pounds are also widely accepted in markets.

Yes, it is possible to find a job in Northern Cyprus. The conditions and salary depend on your profession, position, and individual skills.

Yes, tourists are allowed to drive a car in Northern Cyprus with a foreign driving license for a period of 90 days within six months. This can be either their own car or a rented car.

The initial rental prices for properties were discussed in question 10.

The weather in Northern Cyprus is good. In the summer, the temperature can reach up to 35-40 degrees Celsius. In the winter, the temperature remains around 15-20 degrees Celsius, dropping to 4-8 degrees Celsius at night.

Northern Cyprus has a very peaceful way of life. There is almost no crime here, with rare exceptions. Local residents often forget to lock their homes and cars.

The official language of Northern Cyprus is Turkish. However, 60-70% of the population also speaks English and would be happy to communicate with you in English.

In universities, the medium of instruction is English. Turkish is also used as a language of instruction, in addition to English. In public schools, instruction is in Turkish and English is taught as a secondary language. Private schools teach in English and Turkish, and an additional language.

To enroll your children in school or university, you need to gather a package of documents and bring your diplomas and transcripts if you previously studied in another country.

Food prices are slightly higher than in Turkey, but lower than in the European part of the island.

Electricity is the most expensive utility. The price varies from  lira to 2.6 lira per kWh of electricity. Water costs approximately 25 lira per ton. A gas cylinder costs around 400 lira.

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Цена в 2020 году:

49 900 £

Тип квартиры:


Общая площадь:

42 м²


Грандиозный жилой комплекс на берегу моря и всего в 500 метрах от популярного пляжа ЛонгБич.
Территория комплекса удивляет своими масштабами и разнообразием, внутри можно найти все: от магазинов и ресторанов, до СПА и частных школ.

Итого стоимость студии в конце 2023 года - 145 000 £:

Общий прирост инвестиций 290% за 3 года, что в денежном эквиваленте 95 100 £.

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Price in 2020:

49 900 £

Object type:


Total area:

42 м²


A grandiose residential complex located on the seaside, just 500 meters away from the popular Long Beach. The territory of the complex amazes with its scale and diversity, inside you can find everything: from shops and restaurants to SPA and private schools.

The total cost of the studio at the end of 2022 is 120,000 £.

The total investment growth is 240% over 2 years, which is equivalent to 70,100 £ in monetary terms.

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